Food Test Lab is a UKAS Accredited Microbiological, Chemical and Nutritional Food Testing Laboratory. Food Test Lab provides ISO 17025 UKAS accredited Microbiological Testing, Chemical Analysis and Nutritional Analysis for foodstuffs – especially important if you need detailed nutritional information for Food Labelling purposes. Food Test Lab's UKAS accredited testing services enable you to meet food labelling and safety regulations, achieve best practice and, above all, satisfy your consumers.

Food Test Lab's professional and dedicated team of microbiologists use the latest technologies and work in accordance with UKAS Testing standards to provide fast turnaround times for spoilage organisms in groceries, cooked or raw meats, dairy products, processed foods and exports – meat, fish, honey, milk, coffee, cocoa and beverages

Food Test Lab UKAS accredited laboratory provides professional and friendly customer service for all chemical and microbiological analytical services.

Upon receipt of your samples, Food Test Lab will:

  • Confirm the date your food testing sample(s) were received
  • Advise the date you can expect your final lab test results and certificates
  • Deliver fast turnaround and accurate food test results
  • Give a status report and provisional result updates
  • Arrange additional tests (as and when required)
  • Offer technical advice and result interpretation
  • Provide professional and friendly customer service
  • Carry out all clients' work in complete confidentiality
  • Email certificate

In the event that you have a pressing commercial deadline, we can arrange to fast track your samples through the laboratory and fax or e-mail your UKAS accredited Certificate of Quality.


UKAS Certificate

For more information about food testing services or for a no obligation quote, please Email Customer Services at

Food Test Lab is the trading name for the UKAS Accredited company Huson and Hardwick which is part of the Alex Stewart Agriculture Group of Companies.

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Food Testing

Independent and UKAS approved microbiological, chemical and nutritional food testing laboratory.

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Professional Team of Dedicated Food Microbiologists.

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Food Test Lab Provides A Wide Range Of Chemical Testing.